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Take a quick look at the numerous benefits for your firm.

Traditional Reception DigiLobby
Low Security

Anybody can barge in without verification.

High Security

Nobody can entrer without automated digital verification.


Requires huge workforce and incurs extra admin costs.

Easy on the wallet

Cuts down on your extra cost with a complete digital solution.


Requires paper pass can be and that can be misplaced.

Paperless and Simple

Get your permit pass through SMS and scan QR code for entry.

Deteriorate your brand image

Unmanned queues, longer entry time frustrates visitors

Enhances your brand image

A complex digital process that enables a smooth check in for your visitor.

Physical visitor logs

Difficult to manage paper-based logs.

Digital cloud-based visitor log

Store and access your logs at any time

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DigiLobby is super flexible

You can customise DigiLobby according to your business processes.

Host and visitor notification:

Digilobby sends automatic meeting notifications to the host and visitors on real time basis.

Digilobby – making visitor management effortless


    Deliver the message that you emphasise:- security, technology, and digitisation.


    Maintain a record of visitors to your premises and pull it up any time you want from the cloud.


    Let no one enter your workplace without digital verification. Thus, reducing the risk of impostors.


    A completely paperless solution that ensures that you don’t need paper pass anymore.

Our Main Features

Host and visitor notification

Digilobby sends automatic meeting notifications to the host and visitors on real time basis.

Black and White list

DigiLobby helps to create a list of intruders you do not wish to see and a list of visitors who can visit you.

Central Admin Managed

Complete platform can be managed by admin on a secure online portal.

Baggage & gadget secure check

Keep a tab on the material brought in by the visitors by enlisting them at the gate and via clicking pictures of the same.

Self-serve kiosks

The visitor can create a meeting on his own at the entrance via a self-help kiosk.

Image Capture

DigiLobby captures images of the visitor to ensure safety

ID recording

DigiLobby assists you in creating a record of government issued ID cards like passports, AADHAAR card, and employee ID cards.

QR code

Automatically assigned QR codes let’s visitors enter the premise and record the meeting by scanning the QR code

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A simple, paperless and effortless solution to all your security and visitor management problems. It is the perfect way to secure your office premises without burning a hole in your pocket.

Say goodbye to those lousy visitor desks at your check points

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